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Roselene S. Dalanhese MSW, LCSW

Roselene is the president of South Point Counseling Services and Better Options Counseling. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Master of Social Work from the University of Utah, and she is currently working on a Doctor of Psychology. Among her areas of expertise are mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, addictions, relationship problems, domestic violence, and PTSD. Roselene has specialization as a Substance Abuse Professional and as a NOJOS provider. She has been practicing therapy for 15 years. 

In addition to being a prominent relationship therapist, Roselene has spoken at national conferences and to general audiences on the topics of anger management, depression, marital relationship, and cultural diversity. 

Roselene is an interactive, solution-focused cognitive behavior therapist. Her therapeutic approach focuses on helping clients identify the source of their problems, challenge their dysfunctional beliefs, and change them. This results in a total transformation of their way of experiencing life and their relationships. She offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, she works with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to.


Vittawat Sriphong-Ngarm M.A., BCBA, LBA

Vittawat is the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program Director of Better Options Counseling. He is licensed and practices as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). He is originally from Reno, Nevada where he received his training and completed his Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has an extensive history practicing within the field of ABA as he has worked with a variety of individuals across age groups (ages 2-58), intellectual disabilities and other neurodevelopmental disabilities, challenging behaviors, and environmental settings including clinic, home, school, and community outings. He also has a history consulting and training parents, teachers, and other interdisciplinary professionals on understanding why individuals do what they do and how to motivate/teach individuals through a behavioral lens. He has also collaborated with multiple organizations in developing and improving their quality of service delivery to ensure that clients receive the best care.

He enjoys working in the field of ABA because he loves supporting families and individuals with goals that are important to them. He loves the progression and direction that the field is moving towards and hopes to continue to provide exemplary services by being compassionate, understanding, and authentic. Most importantly he loves teaching. He believes that every learner is different and our job as BCBAs is to create an environment that welcomes learning by listening, empowering, and creating joy.

Vittawat's interests include relational frame theory/acceptance and commitment training, verbal behavior, skills-based treatment, and organizational behavior management. In his free time, he loves adventuring with his wife by being outdoors (skiing, rock climbing, camping, etc.), photography, intramural sports, and all things coffee.


Madeline Crump 

Maddie is one of the billing and scheduling specialists who supports South Point Counseling Services and Better Options Counseling. She manages patient aging accounts, collections, and coordinates client and staff schedules to fulfill treatment delivery. 

When she is not working, she enjoys watching movies, going out with her friends, and spending time with her family. 


Dr. Susi Dalanhese DNP 

Dr. Dalanhese is a board certified doctor of nursing practice with expertise in critical care and post-acute care, including depression and anxiety disorders. 

Dr. Dalanhese earned her bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University. She went on to receive a Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Utah School of Nursing. She holds a national board certification with the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a family nurse practitioner. She also speaks Portuguese and Spanish. 

Dr. Dalanhese has extensive experience in pain management with a minimum use of opiates. She also manages patients with depression and anxiety to help improve quality of life.. 

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