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Our Mission and Culture

Better Options Counseling (BOC) is committed to providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other related neurodevelopmental disorders. Our goal is to teach individuals functional skills and provide them with tools that can help support them in becoming more independent in achieving their goals. We aim to be the gold standard in providing exemplary service delivery. In doing so, we ensure that our staff members are supported with frequent and quality feedback within session and outside of session to maintain high levels of professionalism and quality care. In addition to our goal for service delivery, our staff keep up to date with the most recent evidence-based practices to promote the culture of doing better for our community.


Our organization believes the learner is always right. That is, the individual engages in responses/behaviors across different environments or events they have learned over time; this does not mean that the specific response/behavior is "bad" but only that they are responding in that way because of the circumstances that they have been in. This includes their history of how they learned those responses, current life situations, and what their values or motivating operations (MOs) are. There is no such thing as bad/troubled/hurt individual, only past circumstances that have influenced the way they respond to presenting situations. We all learn from our environment, and when it seems as though those circumstances become barriers that prevent us from learning alternative functional skills, we assess the situation, understand it, and treat it by listening, being compassionate, and empowering the individual.

Our Values


We vow to always be our true self around you and your loved ones. To build and maintain trust when delivering services.


To be understanding every step of the process. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. We see you, we hear you, and we are here with you.


We value growth and progress at both the client and staff level. We aim to create an environment that welcomes  teaching and learning for all.


To be the gold standard when delivering ABA services so that the community we serve can receive the best quality care possible. 


There are variables that we can control and those we cannot. We do our best to respect and support all circumstances without affecting treatment.




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