Better Options Counseling (BOC) is a new division of South Point Counseling Services providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to families and individuals around Salt Lake County in Utah. ABA is an evidence-based practice and is a type of therapy that promotes the science of learning and behavior. In other words, ABA is a type of treatment that studies how behavior(s) and the environment interact to produce learning with an individual. 

For example, learning situations may include teaching individuals functional and adaptive skills in replacement of other behaviors that may not be appropriate under those contextual settings (i.e., instead of yelling when something is not going your way, we teach individuals to communicate functionally with an alternative response - using words, cards, ipad, sign, etc.). One of ABA's main tool is the use of reinforcement and the individual's Motivating Operations (MO) to teach and maintain skills across stimuli, people, and environment. The goal for ABA is to teach individuals skills that may guide them towards independence and to improve their overall quality of life.


Our program strives to be compassionate, understanding, and authentic when providing evidence-based treatment to individuals seeking ABA services. Whether our clients are receiving services for 2 hours or 20+ hours a week, we are committed to ensuring the best learning opportunity they can have within our environment. 

Individuals enrolled may be supported in a wide variety of skills that relate to expressive communication, language acquisition, emotional and behavioral regulation, social, independent and cooperative play, educational and academic skills, and more.


We believe that learning should be positive and fun every step of the way. To ensure this, we utilize child-led teaching methods that promote an environment based on their interests and performance. Through our program, your child can learn while being happy, relaxed, and engaged!




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